Why Are Reconditioned Products Such a Great Idea?



All reconditioned products we sell come with a full manufacturer's warranty. You'll get a great deal and peace of mind knowing the manufacturer stands behind their tools, new or reconditioned.


You can save 25%-75% off the price of the same product sold new!

The Environment

Reconditioned tools get a second life of service instead of being dumped in a landfill somewhere. We think saving money and preventing waste is a great thing!


Where Do Reconditioned Products Come From?

Any time a product is returned to a retailer, it can no longer be sold as "new". Often, customers will return a product without the packaging, or after finishing a weekend project. Sometimes a product will be slightly used, or be defective. Stores such as Lowes and Home Depot will accept most returns without question.

How Does a Product Become Certified Reconditioned?

These returned products are evaluated to ensure that they operate exactly as they did from the factory, and repaired, if necessary. This certification ensures that you will receive a product that meets all requirements for operation and safety.

We reconditioned most of our products in-house in the U.S. in Norcross, Georgia. We are the Exclusive Hitachi Certified Reconditioning Center. Any Hitachi certified reconditioned tool you buy has been reconditioned by our expert in-house technicians to meet and exceed Hitachi's and our customers' expectations!

More About Reconditioned Products

All of the certified reconditioned tools on our website are like-new in functionality, and come with a manufacturer's warranty.

All reconditioned products on this website are Grade A unless otherwise noted in their name. Grade A tools look almost new. There may only be slight cosmetic blemishes.

Grade C reconditioned tools look used, but have been through the same reconditioning process and come with the same warranty. We cannot guarantee that every tool will be similar in appearance but we do make a decision based on appearance if the tool is worth reconditioning.