Below are many questions we are commonly asked. Please peruse our FAQ section for those golden nuggets of information you desire. Big Sky Tool strives to provide our customers with as much mind expanding knowledge as we can possibly crank out.

Batteries – New or Used?

Response: Batteries and chargers that come with reconditioned tools may be new or used. We do not know the history of the tools, batteries or chargers that we receive for reconditioning. These may or may not have been used previously. We do not have a crystal ball that we can gaze into that will allow us to forecast the future to know how long the batteries may or may not last. But, we do know with 100% certainty ALL batteries an chargers included with reconditioned tools are tested to make sure they have the proper voltage and can take a charge. They are covered by a full one year manufacturer’s warranty. Please see the warranty policy here.

Warranty Information

Response: All reconditioned tools, batteries and chargers are covered by the one year manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty is through the manufacturer and you must follow the warranty procedure for your claim. See the warranty policy here.

Return Policy

Response: Big Sky Tool offers a 30 day customer satisfaction return policy. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your order simply follow the return policy instructions here.

Can I pick up my order?

Response: Well, that would depend upon how much you can bench press…the real answer is... Yes, you may pick up your order. We are located in Norcross, Georgia and you can choose the “pick up” option from the pull down menu when you place your order online. This is located under the shipping method. Please allow 24 hours prior to picking up your order. Our pick up hours are from 8am EST to 4pm EST.

Item(s) on backorder?

Response: Our website is up to date of all current stock and availability. If an item is indicated as backordered on our website it is not available to be ordered. No, no matter how much you try we are unable to accept bribes, incentives, or sweet talk in an attempt to secretly obtain a backordered item. As much as we would love to hang at that baseball game and rock out at that concert, we truly have no control over when or if ever a backordered item will become available and in stock. The best way to be made aware of stock availability is by entering your email address in the notification request above the item of interest. This will notify you via email when stock does become available. Notifications sent are on a first come first service basis and in no way guarantees availability at the time you place your order.

What if I do not see the item I want on your site?

Response: We apologize but we are unable to conjure the tool genie and provide three wishes. If you do not see the item on our website that you are interested in. Keep checking back as stock does frequently change.

Owner’s and Parts Manuals

Response: Please remember technology is your friend but mostly ours, we do try to provide the electronic manuals on our website. We do not ship owner’s or parts manuals. These can be found on the “manuals” tab. You can download these in PDF form. If you do not find the link, please visit the manufacturer’s website to obtain the electronic versions.

How do I get my receipt?

Response: At the time you place your order, an email will be sent to the address you provided. It is very important that your email address be correct as this is the only proof of purchase you will receive, we do not include this in your shipment. Please note that this proof of purchase is required for all warranty claims.

How do I track my order?

Response: Your order will be assigned a tracking number which will be emailed to you. You should visit the shippers site and enter your tracking number to be aware of estimated delivery of your order.

What is the difference between Fed Ex overnight and express saver expedited shipments?

Response: At the time of checkout, should you require an expedited shipment,  you will have the option to choose which Fed Ex shipping method will meet your needs.  After the warehouse has completed your order, BigSkyTool will ship your order based on the shipping method you choose at the time your order was placed.  Please note that Fed Ex ships on business days only.

  • Fed Ex Standard Overnight - Next business day by 4:30PM
  • Priority Overnight - Next business day by 10:30AM
  • 2 Day Express - Exactly two business days (End of day)
  • Express Saver - Exactly three business days (End of day)

Do I need to register my tool for warranty?

Response: No, you do not need to register your tool(s) for warranty. Your proof of purchase will be emailed to you and this is the only requirement for warranty claims.

How do I opt out?

Response: If you no longer wish to receive email correspondence, we miss you already, however, we understand. We will not attempt to bribe, incentivize or sweet talk you either. You are way too smart for that. You can opt out at any time simply by using the link provided at the bottom of any promotional emails you receive.

What about errors with promotions and pricing?

Response:  We do apologize but BigSkyTool will not be able to honor any promotions with typographical errors or inaccurate pricing discrepancies at the time of order placement and/or checkout.

What if the item I purchased goes on sale? 

Response:  We do apologize but we are unable to adjust pricing as sales and promotions are subject to change at any time.