El Salvador Monte Verde

Smooth Body With Flavor Notes of Chocolate, Orange & Honey

Smooth Body With Flavor Notes of Chocolate, Orange & Honey

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Looking out from the Monte Verde farm, the cone of the Chingo Volcano rises up out of the flourishing landscape. Yellow and red bourbon coffee trees grow in the rich clay soil, providing a home for creatures like rabbits and hummingbirds. The Contreras family has been growing here for 5 generations, collecting almost 100 years of family coffee experience. Rene and his family are deeply invested in their community – his wife is a doctor who provides health care locally, and the family operates an animal sanctuary on the farm, taking in stray and neglected animals.

The 36-hectare farm is only 93km from the capital city of San Salvador, outside the smaller city of Santa Ana. The mill employs 30 men year-round, then up to 150 men and women during the peak harvest season. This coffee has limited availability every year, and with our direct, person-to-person approach, it will continue to exceed expectations.