CMT Orange Tools CMT-ENLOCK1 Enlock joining system

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CMT Orange Tools CMT-ENLOCK1 Enlock joining system
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Manufacturer Part Number: CMT-ENLOCK1
The innovative CMT-Enlock joining system is designed to build the strongest “T” joints, “Miter” joints and “Edge-to-edge” assemblies using the patented E15 and E10 dovetail keys. The dovetail slots in each part to be joined are machined quickly and accurately using the CMT Enlock jig. Simply clamp your workpiece in the jig, set the bit depth and you are ready to rout. The jig features strong cast aluminum construction throughout the body, top plate, stops and clamping bar producing perfect and strong joints for life!
PATENTED SYSTEM... The CMT Enlock dovetail key expands when the cap is forced in. This widens the dovetail producing a strong clamping force across the joint. No other dovetail system on the market produces this camping force.
Patent No. AU2005/903586, PCT/AU2006/000957 Width range 30~75mm (1-3/16"-2-61/64") Thickness range 19~35mm (3/4"-1-3/8")
Joining system CMT-Enlock1 Masterpack (50 keys) CMT-Enlock10 Instruction manual (five languages) HW dovetail bit not included
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Customer Reviews
  1. Big Sky Tool Reviews
    I'm giving this two stars in comparison with the use of pocket screws. It have to be fine tuned to about half a mm and that takes some setup time. Otherwise the dovetails won't be on the money; there's also some tearout with the CMT bits; and, while the plastic dovetails joints aren't outright ugly, they are less attractive than pocket screws and birch plugs. I wanted to like this kit, but frankly I used it for two projects and now I'm back to pocket screws again.


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