Hitachi H45MEY SDS Max Low Vibration Demolition Hammer (Reconditioned) Grade C

Hitachi H45MRY
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Hitachi H45MRY SDS Max Low Vibration Demolition Hammer (Reconditioned)
  • Ultra efficient AC Brushless motor that permits the use of extra-long extension cords without power loss, extends product life and eliminates maintenance of armatures or carbon brushes 
  • Superior performance when using a generator due to an internal inverter circuit that regulates uneven power supply
  • UVP (User Vibration Protection) technology greatly reduces vibration for comfortable extended use and fewer vibration related injuries via the use of internal counterweights and springs, as well as low vibration handles
  • AHB (Aluminum Housing Body) construction significantly enhances the internal and external durability of the tool. Externally the metal body construction is more resistant to jobsite impacts and harsh conditions than plastic counterparts. Internally, incorporating a plastic stator holder around the Brushless motor provides the internal double insulation construction that can protect the user from electric shock. The motor and hammer bearings are seated in the metal housing to reduce vibration and stress, and increases stability. During use, the metal keeps the internal gears secure and aligned preventing wear and power loss. Additionally- the metal body dissipates heat better, increasing overall motor life
  • Push button impact rate selector easily changes the angle of the bit to perform precise work and also serves as a diagnostic tool to trouble shoot overload or overheating issues
  • Built-in protection circuit prevents damage to the tool in the event of an abnormality like overload, binding, overheating etc.
  • 9.9 ft-lbs of impact energy for busting through hard material
  • 1,430-2,850 BPM full load max impact rate to quickly remove stubborn material
  • 1,150 watts of input power for increased productivity    
  • Idle strike restrictor to prevent no-load activation and additional wear on the tool
  • Variable lock mechanism in neutral position allows for 12-angle positions for optimal working angle options
  • Quick release bit system for fast and simple bit replacements for different applications
  • Large 2 finger trigger switch with lock-on for easy operation and less fatigue
  • Power indicator lamp lights up when power is supplied to the tool
  • Soft, non-slip elastomer grip handle for improved comfort and control
  • 360 Degree adjustable side handle for optimal comfort and control   
  • Compatible with multiple SDS Max Shank Demolition bits
  • Shank SDS Max
  • Motor Type AC Brushless
  • Full Load Impact Rate 1,430 - 2,850 BPM
  • Impact Energy 9.9 ft-lbs
  • Power Input 1150 Watt
  • Full Load Vibration Level 8.0 m/s2
  • Switch Two-Finger Trigger
  • Handle Shock Absorbing "D" Shaped Side and Trigger Handles
  • Amps 11.3
  • Housing Material Aluminum
  • Weight 16.1 lbs
  • Plastic case  (337594)
  • Side Handle  (333199)
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